the 2019 Super Wildfire was the worst wildfire ever recorded, destroying 980,000,000 (980 Million) buildings.


on June 11, 2019 at 8:14PM a fire was set at a tree outside of Chicago, Illinois, a few minutes later at 8:20PM a second fire was set at a warehouse in Northern Chicago...the Chicago Fire Department reported by 8:25PM that a clothing store had exploded and that 5 other buildings had caught fire, the tree fire and the warehouse fire had eventually reached each-other and the fire grew into a massive blaze devouring much of Chicago...smoke had been reported in both Chicago and Gary, with light patches of smoke reported as far north as Marquette, Michigan, and even a small patch of smoke related to the fire in Winnipeg, Canada...the Chicago Fire Department declared a civil danger for Chicago at 9:45PM with every building in town at danger of the fire, the Chicago PD started questioning what started the fire around 11:00PM, on the morning of June 12 the first building in Indiana caught fire...a small gas station on the Indiana-Illinois state line had caught fire...this is a wip...