This wiki is about Wildfires, past, present AND future - enjoy folks, and let that inner pyromaniac go wild

To create an infobox, copy the infobox codes from the infobox template, then let your imagination go WILD...

Welcome to the Hypothetical Wildfires Wiki, a friendly community on which you can create your very own wildfires, made completely from your imagination!

Hypothetical Wildfires Wikia - 18 articles and 316 edits edited by 2 friendly active users since November 3, 2015.

This wildfirepedia, founded by Hurricane Layten on May 18, 2016. It is for wildfire enthusiasts who want to make articles for all kinds of wildfires, as they have come to their wonderful imagination. This wiki is where you can let your wildfire-ridden mind go absolutely wild! Do whatever you want to do! Get your body off the couch, sit down on that comfortable wildfire chair, and make some Wildfires!

Let's get editing!


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